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Appraisals you can take to the bank.

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Professional Services

We can help you establish home and property values

Our appraisers are backed up with designations from the highly respected Appraisal Institute of Canada. This means we are well-positioned to help you find solutions where real estate values are needed.

Purchase Finance +

You are under pressure, we get that. We provide a system for you or your clients to make ordering easy, and to get the report results to you or your lender when you need them. **add text about ordering directly***

Refinance +

Understanding how much equity you have in your home can determine how much financing you qualify for. Our experienced and designated appraisers are trusted by major lending institutions.

Relocation +

Review CERC/Brookfield Relocation

Appraisals for relocation can take into account

Tax Assessment Appeal +

Sometimes, the value of your home is different than what is shown on your assessment. We can provide you with an independently derived market value that can confirm (or otherwise) if you would benefit from challenging the assessment.

We use new technology to make ordering, and getting apprasials you can count on easier and faster.